The First Steps to Making Your Home a Smart Home

The First Steps to Making Your Home a Smart Home

Technology has changed the way that we live, work and play. We have access to a huge range of tech tools and applications that can make our lives simpler, safer and more enjoyable. Many of those tools are designed to give homeowners the ability to remotely control features within their home. Creating a "smart home" does not require a massive investment of time or money to reap immediate rewards. In fact, many people choose to build their smart homes one step at a time. The technicians at Pop-A-Lock can answer any questions about smart home products and are available to install many of these systems at your convenience. Here are a few products that can get you started on your very own smart home. 

Keyless Entry 

Smart lock technology uses either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to transmit signals directly to your home's deadbolt locks. This allows homeowners to remotely monitor and control their locks. Some locks can be controlled over an Internet connection from virtually any location while others only work when the homeowner has a Bluetooth-enabled key fob within a short distance of the lock. The locks are powered by standard batteries, and many can send a message to homeowners when those batteries are running low. Smart locks range in cost, and models with more functions will run higher than those with more basic features.

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Garage Doors

Just as a smart lock can control access to your home, there are products available that can alert homeowners when their garage door is open and allow it to be closed remotely. This is a huge advantage for families with kids. How many times has a parent sat at work and worried that their child may have forgotten to lower the garage door while leaving for school? In addition, installing a smart garage door can increase home security when service providers are called upon. Homeowners can raise the door for their babysitter, dog walker or cleaning service, all from a remote location. This eliminates the need to distribute keys to various people, which has always been a security issue.

Lighting and Temperature

Saving money is appealing to virtually all homeowners. When it comes to energy expenses, the primary factors that can raise costs are a home's lighting and temperature control systems. Leaving lights on when they are not needed or heating and cooling an empty home can double utility costs for some families. There are smart thermostats and lighting controls available that allow homeowners to remotely monitor and adjust their home's temperature and lighting. Many are even able to "learn" the family's preferences and make the appropriate adjustments automatically.

With a smart garage door, you can raise the door for your dog walker or cleaning service from a remote location

Installation and Servicing

For South Carolina homeowners who are interested in learning more about smart technology and the available options, call the Pop-A-Lock team today. We are a fully mobile residential locksmith company providing service in the greater Charleston area. In addition to installation services, we also offer fast response to emergency calls. Our locksmiths can be at most locations within 30 minutes and can help you unlock your home or vehicle quickly.