Install a Keyless Lock System to Boost Home Security

Install a Keyless Lock System to Boost Home Security

You stand at your front door fumbling for your house keys at night. Your kids get locked out after school and must wait for an adult to return. Your old neighbors still have one of your house keys in case of an emergency. These are all home security risks, and they are all caused by old-fashioned key entry doors.

Today’s more sophisticated homeowner knows the dangers using traditional key locks and they are making the move the keyless entry. Not only are keyless entry doors easier to use, but they are safer.

Safeguard Your Home with a Keyless Door Lock

Keyless door locks aren’t just convenient, they are safer. When you get rid of that standard key lock, you are making your home harder to get into, and that is going to make your home and family safer.

Consider this: every time you give someone a key to your home (a neighbor, valet, workman), you are giving them the opportunity to make a copy of that key without your knowledge. This can set you up for burglaries weeks or even months down the line. Plus, lost keys can put you at further security risk, and it can be an expensive hassle to have a residential locksmith come in and change those locks.

Codes Can Be Changed Regularly

Worried that your entry codes may have been compromised? No problem! You can change those codes within minutes, eliminating the risk. 

Keyless Locks Make Entry Quick and Easy

Simply enter your code and the door unlocks. This can take mere seconds. Depending on where you live or what time you get home in the evening, quicker entry can mean a lot to your safety.

When You Give Keys to Your Neighbors or Workman, They Could Be Making Copies

Double Key Code Locks Offer Added Security

When you install a double sided keypad, you give yourself an extra layer of security. Let’s say that a burglar breaks the sidelight window next to your front door with a standard key lock. He can simply reach in and unlock the door. Not so with a double key code system. Unless he can punch the code on the outside and inside of the door, it won’t open.

This system also offers added security for keeping children in the house. Without the ability to type in the code to open the door, small children can not accidentally get out of the house.

Keycode Locks Also Work as an Alarm

Many key code lock systems also double as a security alarm. In the event someone repeatedly punches in the wrong code, either an audible alarm will sound and/or the local police department will be notified of a potential break-in.

Stop worrying about lost keys, quit stressing over break-ins, keep small children and pets inside, and make getting into your home harder for criminals and easier for you with a keyless locking system. These systems offer higher protection and simpler admittance for your family. If you want more information on lock systems, call Pop-A-Lock. We'd be happy to answer any question you might have. 

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