5 Tips to Prevent a Home Break-In During the Holidays

5 Tips to Prevent a Home Break-In During the Holidays

With the holidays coming up, millions of Americans will be away from home visiting friends and relatives. While this is a time for happiness and cheer, the season can also be a merry time for criminals, with so many homes left vacant for days or even weeks. Luckily, you can reduce the risk that lawbreakers will target your residence. Here are five tips to keep in mind.

Keep the Lights On 

Criminals hate brightly lit homes. Lights draw attention to their activities, making them easier to spot. For this reason, you should leave the exterior and interior light on if at all possible. Some homeowners have timed lighting that will turn on automatically at sundown and go off at sunrise. If you have this feature, then make use of it.

Leaving a light on inside can also make it look like someone is still home, even if you aren't. If possible, leave a vehicle parked in your driveway or in front of your home. This will reinforce the impression that it’s occupied.

Have the neighbors check in

Have Neighbors Check In

If you have a neighbor, relative or friend who can keep an eye on your home, then ask them to do so. This person may also collect your mail and give the residence a quick visual inspection to ensure that all is as it should be. You can also have your local post office hold your mail during your trip. Above all, don’t let packages or letters pile up. A full mailbox announces to criminals you’re out of town.

Don't Change Your Voicemail 

If you have a home phone, then leave the message unchanged during your trip. Some people change it to inform callers they will be gone. If the person on the other end of the line is a lawbreaker, then the altered greeting is rolling out the welcome mat. Instead, inform friends and loved ones of your trip directly.

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Ask Law Enforcement for Help 

Ask local police or sheriff deputies to keep an eye on your home during their daily patrols. Most law enforcement officers are happy to do this. If you live in a gated community or an area with homeowner covenants, then your association may also provide for private security agents to monitor your area.

Consider Replacing Your Locks

If you’re still using the same door locks you’ve had for years, then consider having them re-keyed or replaced. We recommend, however, that you use care in choosing a provider, as some residential locksmith firms run scams and overcharge for these services. One way to avoid this problem is to trust this service to Pop-a-Lock of Charleston. We offer superior service at reasonable prices. We also provide quality automotive locksmith services. Call us today at (843) 767-2562 to find out more.