Should I Re-key or Replace the Locks On My Home?

Should I Re-key or Replace the Locks On My Home?

Nothing lasts forever. That includes the locks in your home. Whether due to security concerns or the passage of time, these products will require some type of servicing during their lifetime. The two available options are re-keying and replacing. But which should you choose? Here are tips to help you in making this important decision.

Sometimes You Just Need to Re-key

To re-key locks, a residential locksmith replaces the existing springs and pins of the cylinder with new components. This is an affordable alternative to outright replacement. In most cases, it's an economical, effective choice that can enhance your home security and prevent lock-related problems in the future. Some possible reasons for re-keying your box include concerns over persons who might have keys to your home or a desire for greater peace of mind. If you are the home's first occupant, then we recommend re-keying the existing locks. The building contractor who installed the locks may retain copies of the keys, and sometimes this allows unscrupulous persons to gain access to the residence.

When a commercial locksmith re-keys your locks, he or she will also lubricate the internal workings and perform other important maintenance steps. This will help to ensure that your locks function properly for years to come.

When to replace your locks

When Should You Replace Locks?

While re-keying is usually a great option, sometimes replacement is necessary. This is the case when your locks are malfunctioning or have suffered damage from human misuse, inclement weather or other causes. While replacing locks can cost more than re-keying them, you will benefit by having brand-new components that you can rely on for decades. Replacing your locks gives you total control over who has the key to your home from the start. This is smart from a security perspective.

Not all locks are created equal. Yes, you can find door locks at your local hardware store or mass retailer. However, these products often are made of inferior materials that can fail during normal use or make your home more vulnerable to criminals. For this reason, we recommend that you leave this all-important task to a professional residential locksmith. He or she will have access to top-quality products that offer far more value for your investment.

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Work with a Trusted Locksmith 

Just as locks vary in quality, so do locksmiths. Sadly, some companies take advantage of a homeowner's plight to charge inflated fees for their services. You'll never have this problem if you choose Pop-a-Lock of Charleston. We've built a sterling reputation for world-class customer service, quality products and reasonable prices. We're also one of the best-established locksmith services in the area. So call us today if you need your locks re-keyed or replaced. And remember, we also perform automotive locksmith services.