Will My New Smart Key Keep My Car Safe?

Will My New Smart Key Keep My Car Safe?

The days of fumbling with your keys at your car are over. Many new car models feature smart keys that you can leave in your pocket or purse without ever really having to pull them out. Simply walk close enough to your car and the doors will automatically unlock themselves. Press the start button inside and the engine will kick on. Sounds like technology of the future. Well folks, the future is here!

The Ease of Using a Smart Key

Forget fumbling for your keys in a purse or backpack. Stop struggling with grocery bags, or even unruly children in the parking lot. When you have a smart key, all you have to do is keep the key (which often looks more like a card) in a pocket, bag or purse. Unlike a traditional fob that you have to hold and point at the car, smart keys work remotely. As long as it is close enough for the car’s computer to read it, the doors will automatically unlock and the engine will turn on simply by pushing the start button inside the car. 

While the convenience of using a smart key is immeasurable, many people are left wondering if these new smart keys are really safe. So what's the deal, are smart keys totally safe or do they make your car more vulnerable to being stolen?

Smart Keys Can Actually Keep Your Car Safer

Rolling Codes and Encryption Keep Your Car Safer From Theft

If using a smart key leaves you feeling uneasy or concerned that a break in the technology can leave your car vulnerable to being stolen, you can relax.  Research shows that smart keys are not only safe to use, but they can actually keep your car safer from theft than traditional keys.

The sensors and microchips that work to unlock and start the car use rolling codes that are virtually impossible to break. The reason is simple: the code is constantly changing. It works like this: a computer inside of the car reads the encryption on the key and allows the doors to unlock or the engine to start. By rolling (or changing) the encryption each time the key is used, the computer is helping to keep hackers from being able to break the code. Since the computer is housed inside the car, thieves can not get to it without entry; which is protected by the computer and encryption.

Other security measures and devices are also in place, giving a smart-car entry vehicle even more protections against theft. For one, should someone try to enter the car fraudulently, sensors detect a problem and multiple alarms sound. The locksmith industry is even touting smart keys as the best way to deter criminals and safeguard your vehicle. Many insurance companies agree. Many insurance companies now offer increased discounts on premiums to vehicle owners who use smart key technology.